The Guardian Drain Lock is a new innovative device designed specifically for Commercial Floor Sinks and Floor Drains to protect Unwanted Debris from clogging and backing up your plumbing lines. Floor sinks do not come with the ability to screw or lock down strainers and staff and night cleaners are constantly removing and even throwing away these strainers allowing debris to pass through the pipes. This leads to clogs in your drain lines, and plumbers often find silverware, plates, plastic, ramekins, straws, avocado seeds, lemons, rags as well as the smaller debris get stuck within the P-Trap or worse, somehow seem to make their way past!  Guardian Drain Locks Prevent Your staff from forcing debris through your drains, thus saving you time and headaches from costly expenditures.  The Guardian Drain Lock is -  

  • Easy to Install Within Seconds
  • Tamper Proof and Unbreakable
  • Lockable From your Kitchen Staff - Manager Keeps The Key

And Leads to...

  • Lower Risk of City Fines
  • Decreased Maintenance of Your Drainage System and Preventative Jetting
  • Decreased Risk in Insurance Claims, City Fines
  • Increased Productivity of Staff to Focus on Their Job and Not Backed Up Drains
  • Changed Behaviors by Kitchen Staff to Use Best Cleaning Practices

6 Benefits of Using a Guardian Drain Lock

1. Prevents Damage to P-Traps from Cabling

2. Prevents Clogs and Decreased Plumbing Expenses

3. Cuts Down On Solid Waste

4. Prevents Floating rags/bags from Blocking Pipes

5. Prevents Blockage in Common Area/ City Main Lines & City Fines

6. Stay Green!




Don’t get caught over looking simple managing practices to receive significant savings! Cut your plumbing expenses while minimizing your risk against decreased productivity, health code violations, interrupted operations and more. 

The Guardian Drain-Lock is designed to protect floor drains and floor sinks from unwanted debris and stoppages in your facilities drain lines. When installed and locked down, the Guardian Drain-Lock cannot be removed without the aid of a special tool. Installing a Guardian Drain Lock can have an exponential payback in months. Additionally the Guardian Drain-Lock preserves P-traps and piping from breakage due to frequent drain cabling.  
Made of solid stainless steel or nickel bronze top and a glass filled polypropylene body it is resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to 220 degrees, the Guardian Drain-Lock can easily be installed or removed with no interruption to the operation. Protect your drains, assets and yourself from unwanted fines with The Guardian Drain-Lock! 

Typically restaurant plumbing expenses average around .2% of sales or higher. For example: a single location with annual sales of $5m would average around $10k a year in plumbing expenses.  WHAT WILL THE RISK COST YOU?

Cut Your Plumbing Preventative Maintenance by Installing The Guardian Drain Lock! Hydro Jetting can remove grease from pipes and stop grease from building up in the pipes and should be done quarterly. However, hydro jetting is not a great practice to prevent clogs from happening in the first place due to staff pushing food down the pipes.

Install the Guardian Drain Lock in your Commercial Floor Sinks to Protect them from unnecessary, common costly mistakes!  This video explains the common problems with Indirect drain lines and how to prevent clogs in your kitchen floor sinks.